We don’t use cookie notice – here’s how!

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Ever since privacy laws came into effect (GDPR and others), to comply, websites started showing you those pesky cookie notices. So much of our private data was exploited by big tech. We don’t display cookie notices since we care about your privacy.

Fathom – Alternative to Google Analytics

First and foremost, it’s a pay-to-use software, which means they don’t need to sell your data to be in business. Their software doesn’t track individuals. A unique secret gets created for each user that can’t be reverse-engineered. All we see from their dashboard is what pages have been visited, what device was used (Desktop or Phone), what browser and country of origin, that’s it. Also, we use their Extreme EU Isolation feature which makes sure that all of the traffic is processed on EU servers, regardless if you are visiting this page from the US or any other country in the world.

Here’s a rundown of some of their features:

  • Lightweight script – only 6.10 kB
  • See all of your analytics, even if people have Ad Blockers installed
  • Free uptime monitoring
  • UTM campaign and event tracking

Fathom, website analytics without compromise

Hosting Google Fonts Locally

A court in Germany recently found that every website that was embedding Google Fonts violated GDPR law. What happens when you embed Google Fonts on your website is that to load it, Google has access to your IP address. As a site owner, you can still use Google Fonts, but just host them locally, here are some benefits for it:

  • Is GDPR compliant
  • There are no 3rd party DNS lookups
  • More control on how fonts are being delivered – preloading for example
  • You have control over how to cache fonts which is something that doesn’t happen when embedding the fonts.

We’ll have a tutorial on how to do this, stay tuned.

Privacy is a right. Let’s respect and value it.